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Twilight Dream

9/29/2012Lucyna Tomoń

I've spent whole yesterday's evening at this place. I was just walking, looking for apples and enjoying recognize the places. So, if you've ever read or watched "Twilight" you will love this place! There's Bella's house, Cullen's house, Esme's Island and other places, which were shown in the book. And the most important thing-there are dozens of gifts. You have to follow small red apples and just collect them. You can find a lot of nice things, like a pillow with Bella, Cullen's tattoo etc.

 apple-found at Twilight Dream- 0 L$ (two animations)
 jumper- Airflow - 0 L$ (gift, there are also other gifts there)  
 jeans- U.One- 0 L$

tulip was also found at Twilight Dreams

T-shirt "Bella's team" is also available at Twilight Dreams  
photos have been taken at Twilight Dreams, the last one is from Esme's Island

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  1. Nie ma co, lecę dziś zwiedzić to miejsce!
    A tak wogóle to witaj na pokładzie Euphobia :)!


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